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The United States “will not send troops” to Ukraine, says the White House

U.S will not send troops to fight in Ukrainesaid this Tuesday the The White Houseafter the French president, Emmanuel Macronwill not rule out the idea.

“The president (Joe) Biden it became clear that U.S will not send troops to fight in Ukrainereported the National Security Council spokesperson, Adriano Watsonis a statement.

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To the question of whether U.S could send troops for other purposes, such as training, the State Department spokesman said, Matthew Millersaid that the government opposes any deployment in Ukraine.

“We will not send troops to Ukraine. “The president was very clear.”declared Miller to journalists at a press conference.

Both the The White House and the State Department insisted that the priority is for the Congress approve a military aid package for Ukraine.

“Basically we believe that the path to victory for Ukraine right now lies in the House of Representatives of Ukraine. U.S”, Miller said.

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, michael johnsonally of former President Donald Trump, favorite for the Republican presidential nomination, refused to allow a vote on the request for Biden of 61 billion dollars for Kiev.

Source: Elcomercio

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