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Diego Rodríguez confirms departures with Valery Revello and assures that “there is no spite” for Sergio Peña | VIDEO

The model and former reality boy, Diego Rodríguez, reappeared after the strong images where he goes out kissing the model in a nightclub and still the wife of the Peruvian national team Sergio Peña, Valery Revello.

Rodrigo González called Diego Rodríguez live and he did not think twice and confirmed that he is officially dating Valery Revello. Immediately, he clarified that he does not feel any kind of spite against Sergio Peña for the rumors of a possible romance with his ex, the influencer Lorena Celis.

The model gave details of Valery Revello and confirmed that they met a few weeks ago when they both met at a meeting of mutual friends.

It is not any kind of spite, there is no spite. It’s not like I met Valery two days ago. I met her by chance before following us on Instagram, we knew each other and had already dated. We met a few weeks ago by pure chance, at a mutual friend meeting, we just said hello and met again and started dating“, he pointed.

Yes, we are dating. Then I would have to rule it out because…(Sergio Peña). I don’t know that (if she is the love of my life), but I just met her”, he added.

Diego confessed that he has not spoken with Valery Revello about Sergio Peña and reaffirmed that he will not return with his ex Lorena Celis.

We haven’t talked about it, I go out with Valery and I don’t go out with anyone else. I met a girl and I like going out with her. They will be coincidences of life and I do not feel that I am doing something so serious. The truth is, I haven’t talked about her daughter’s father, we haven’t talked about that, because it’s beside the point.”, pointed out the young man.

Source: Elcomercio

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