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BTS: Time and where to watch the Bangtan radio show

btsthe boyband of k popis getting closer to the release of their “Proof” compilation album, which is scheduled to be released on June 10, 2022. Bangtan’s comeback has not only revealed tracks, videos and concept photos of the popular idols but also their next promotion, which is about a radio show in which they will talk about and commemorate their evolution in the music industry.

In this show, BTS will tell us about the process of their compilation album and a little about each stage that the group has had. Likewise, they will give us details of Proof and the successes that this compilation contains as well as the long road they have traveled to achieve the world fame they now have.

“Yet to come” is the announced single from the new album which we will also have news about, this next song is expected to be a hit. The show has a documentary and commemorative cut to the effort and work of BTS throughout its 9-year career, but where can you tune in to the show? what time and when will it be available?

Next, we tell you all the details:

When and where to watch the BTS radio show

The members of BTS will talk about their beginnings, their career, difficulties and their hard road to fame. Where can you see the program? The radio show will consist of three episodes that will in turn be promotional for the Proof album, each of these episodes will be released weekly starting on May 28 and ending on June 10 with the album premiere. The program will be called “Radio Past & Present” and will be broadcast through Apple Music.

If you are in Peru, episode 1 will be available from Saturday May 28 at 8am. In this chapter BTS will tell us about the birth of the group, their dreams and inspirations when it all started. As detailed in the media, the structure of the episodes will be the first episode for the beginning, the second episode to narrate about ARMY’s favorite songs and the compilation of them in the new album and finally, their way to world fame.

The purpose is for the boyband to tell their peculiar stories of effort and how it was possible for them to reach the top of the global music industry. In case you missed the first episode here we leave you the playlist reproduced in the show made by ARMY.

Source: Elcomercio

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