HeathcareMedical desert: Chartres recruits Michel Simes to recruit doctors

Medical desert: Chartres recruits Michel Simes to recruit doctors


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This is a phenomenon that the metropolis of Chartres (Eures-et-Loire), like many other French cities, has faced, and which has been constantly increasing over the years: the shortage of general practitioners and health professionals in general. Two figures illustrate the situation well in 2022: eighteen retirements for only two properties.

In an attempt to partially correct this situation, a video promoting the attractiveness of the territory was shown on the Web. The video, presented by Michel Syme, France’s most famous doctor who interned in Chartres between 1984 and 1989, is short, poignant, and laced with the well-known humor of medical students who understand medical students.

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We see Michel Simes as a TV presenter launching a duplex journalist from Chartres, qualified as a medical desert, who questions Cédric Bourdi, the city’s real gynecologist. This professional eulogizes the assets of Jewish capital before heading off to the operation in an unusual company vehicle… an airplane.

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“It was natural for me to help them,” Michelle Simes explains simply. Something needs to be done to combat these medical deserts. Moreover, my attachment to this region is strong. I learned a lot in Chartres. “You have to try everything,” he said. In any case, the idea is original. If it’s conspicuous, so much the better. »

Classify the entire department as a priority intervention area

The host of the telecast “Extraordinary abilities of the human body” and soon “Health in France: state of emergency”, which was broadcast on France 2 on January 31, admits: “I would be in Chartres if I did not settle in Paris. At that time I hesitated, I had offers in Er-et-Loire in ENT. But life forced the otorhinolaryngologist to settle in the capital with a friend. “I also wanted to be closer to the media. The planets line up one way or another. Chartres, however, is the ideal location. Chartres is a province in Paris. »

From left to right: Dominique Soulet, Delegate Counselor of the Metropole Chartres, responsible for relations with health institutions; Jean-Pierre Gorges, President of the Chartres Métropole, and Julien Cottet, President of the Order of Physicians of Airs-et-Loire.

Every third Jew does not have a general practitioner, and doctors can have up to 2,000 patients… “The situation in the department is critical, as elsewhere in France. This is no longer acceptable. We are in one of the richest countries in the world, a country where health is a model. We are in a developing country situation. It’s tragic. “When he was in the city of Beauceron in the 1980s, young Simes did not face these problems. “The problem was when I was in Smur. In winter, it took time to get to the farm. A few tens of minutes to go there for a person who had a heart attack, it was something. »

Empower Patients

The community advisors would like the entire department to be classified as a Priority Intervention Zone (Zip), to better match the care offering, so that the territories are not in competition, so that a training course for medical professionals can be created, and finally, the territory becomes a territory of experimentation. “General medicine no longer exists, it is administrative medicine,” notes allergist Julien Cottet, president of the Order of Physicians of Aires-et-Loire, disappointedly.

The monthly magazine Your Agglo also has a section on health. “We have to educate and empower patients. To do this, doctors will write about best practices in a magazine, adds Chartres President, as well as Chartres Mayor Jean-Pierre Gorges. If you want to be well taken care of, take care of your doctor. »

Several short videos should be created in the coming weeks. “I am ready and completely at their disposal to help the development of medicine in the region,” Michel Simes assured.

Source: Le Parisien

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