OpinionPairing: the best wines to accompany Peruvian cuisine, according...

Pairing: the best wines to accompany Peruvian cuisine, according to a specialist


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The Peruvian gastronomy it has become one of the best in the world. Its wide diversity and rich influence from Africa, Spain, Italy, China and Japan make it unique and versatile. Countless recipes that are passed down from generation to generation make the Peruvian table a feast that is enjoyed every day.

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At the gates of the celebrations of National Holidays On the way to the Bicentennial, sommelier Giovanni Bisso shares some tips from pairing with the renowned line of 120 wines from Viña Santa Rita, to enjoy from the top, our Peruvian gastronomy.

What is pairing?

The main concept behind the pairing resides in the fact that certain elements found in food and came, like texture and flavor, they react differently when mixed; And finding the right combination of these will make eating a more palatable experience. The objective is to create new sensations, both in the tasting of the wine and in the food with which we accompany it.

Pairing tips

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The pairing It is a very didactic and entertaining learning, since, although one can read and investigate a little, the bulk goes on the side of practice. It is as simple as trial error, until you understand how it works and what things combine harmoniously, quote the specialist and detail below:

1. Our Creole food It is very varied, with a wide range of flavors and textures, which makes it fun to find empathy with wine. For example, with the Chardonnay 120 Reserva Especial from Viña Santa Rita, which is a young wine, with touches of tropical fruits, citrus, with a slightly sweet mouth and good acidity, it is a perfect option when you have salads with sweet and sour dressings, rice with seafood, a chicken or fish cause and tiraditos like the Nikkei-style proposal of the Amore Restaurant.

2. Now if we see the reds Carmenére 120 Reserva Especial de Viña Santa Rita that has touches of black fruits, floral aromas and a flavor of medium structure in the mouth, it is a good option to accompany with a carapulcra, a rice with duck, a Pork chicharrón and a good lomo saltado with native potatoes, like the one we enjoy at Casa Andina.

3. On the other hand, the Cabernet Sauvignon 120 Reserva Especial from Viña Santa Rita, which is a more intense and structured wine, with notes of red fruits and many spices, is a wine that goes well with red meat, meat stew or a good stew. also a kid a la norteña would be an option to accompany and delight. If you are looking for an option outside the home, a pepper loin with grilled vegetables from Casa Andina was great.

Take advantage of putting these simple recommendations into practice and enjoy our Peruvian cuisine with a good glass of came in family.


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