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LR David Lisnard gives up running as the right abandons the idea of ​​an open primary

He doesn’t go. The mayor Les Républicains de Cannes has given up standing as a presidential candidate, believing that the conditions are “not met to be able to conduct a campaign” in the absence of an “open primary” on the right. “The candidate will finally be appointed at the end of a closed congress reserved for members of LR,” writes David Lisnard in a message sent Sunday to members of his New Energy movement. And specifies that “the game is indeed closed”.

“More generally, the material and political conditions are not met to date to be able to conduct a presidential campaign,” he said, indicating that he would henceforth concentrate “fully” on his candidacy for the presidential election. presidency of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF).

The Republicans party chose Saturday to nominate its presidential candidate in a vote of its members gathered in congress on December 4.

Rising figure

In the magazine Point, on September 2, the mayor of Cannes called for “re-founding our nation” by reforming in particular “profound” the social system and in particular the health system and pensions.

” It’s time […] to find the meaning of our civilization, to get out of the powerlessness of the state in matters of security, justice and immigration, and to put an end to educational, industrial and scientific downgrading ”, then affirmed this rising figure of the liberal wing of the Republicans.

Candidates for the LR nomination will have until October 13 to declare their candidacy.


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