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Referee of San Lorenzo vs. Tigre was injured while running to visualize a play | VIDEO

The fifth date of the Professional League in Argentina is underway and Sunday began with San Lorenzo vs. Tigre, at the Pedro Bidegain Stadium in Buenos Aires. The meeting had many emotions during the first half, but not only the football level was highlighted, but also the performance of referee Ariel Penel.

The clock had barely exceeded 15 minutes, when one of the ‘Ciclón’ attacks began, down the left wing. A long pass was sent to Iván Leguizamón and the match judge also tried to speed up his pace, to observe the play closely, although surprisingly he slowed down a few seconds later.

The offensive action did not go any further, since Víctor Cabrera, Tigre’s defender, took the ball down the sideline. San Lorenzo had the serve in favor and the footballers tried to hurry to execute the charge, but the duel had to be paralyzed: Ariel Penel blew his whistle and asked for assistance.

The ‘Cuervos’ doctor noticed the referee’s ailment and came over to attend to him. Despite the efforts of the doctor, there was no way to calm the physical discomfort that the referee had and Héctor Paletta, the fourth assistant, was in charge of replacing him.

According to the images, Ariel Penel suffered an injury to the twins of his right leg, after starting to run in the center of the field. After being supplanted, the judge confirmed his discomfort to ESPN: “I felt the puncture and could not continue. Now it remains to encourage my partner”.

Finally, Héctor Paletta was in charge of imparting justice and witnessed the most important emotions of the match, which ended tied 1-1. At 25′, Lucas Blondel put the partial advantage of Tigre; and at 69 ‘the tie came Adam Bareiro, with a penalty that was charged by the substitute referee, through a VAR review.

Source: Elcomercio

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