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“Spectator insurance” and the other actions that the ‘U’ will take with the family of the deceased fan in the Monumental

The afternoon of last Sunday, a tragedy took place that mourned Peruvian football. Álvaro Zevallos, a young fan who attended the Monumental to encourage the team he loves, lost his life during the match between Universitario and Sport Huancayo for the penultimate date of the Closing Tournament. And the actions had to be paralyzed necessarily.

With all the tools at its disposal for this type of situation, the ‘U’ sought to provide rapid assistance to the fan who suffered a cardiac arrest in the north stand. Medical professionals did everything possible to prevent the tragedy, but the young man had already reached the ambulance dead.

Logically, this unfortunate death could not be ignored, so the meeting had to be suspended and rescheduled for this Monday night behind closed doors. The ‘U’ will dedicate this game to Álvaro’s memory.

But this topic will not be just gestures or words of comfort for the young fan and his family or friends. There is already an action plan that the club will carry out these days to counteract this situation.

In fact, Jean Ferrari, current administrator of Universitario, confirmed to this newspaper that the ‘U’ is already in full contact with the family to provide them with the greatest possible support. To this end, three specific actions are being taken:

  1. Universitario made himself available to the family since last night for absolutely everything that is necessary.
  2. A follow-up is being carried out so that the spectator’s insurance -contracted by the ‘U’ with La Positiva- is activated. The club bought the annual policy, valid until January 2023, so there should be no problem in that regard.
  3. After that, it will be evaluated what else could be missing to cover after the unfortunate death. Some financial support or percentage of the box office of the match against Sport Huancayo could be allocated to it, depending on the insurance.

The important thing in all this is that the club has not stood idly by in this case and is seeking, as far as possible, to honor Álvaro’s memory. “We are going to give his family all the support they need,” Ferrari guarantees.

Source: Elcomercio

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