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Stories and goals: Every four years the World Cups give us iconic moments to remember forever

Since 1930 every four years the king of sports dresses up and the most important sporting event in the world is celebrated: The Soccer World Cup. Each edition is unique and special, and envelops us in a total football party, while 32 teams dream of being crowned champions.

In each of these World Cups we see the best players play, sweat and suffer with the jerseys of their national teams. The feeling for representing their countries is incomparable. This has gifted us with iconic moments, historic goals and eternal glory.

How can we forget the history of the Maracanazo, which marked a before and after for Brazil and which still brings them nightmares. World Cup Pelé and Maradona scoring the goal from the hand of God. World Cup Spain and Iniesta’s goal that everyone yelled at. And also heartbreaking moments like seeing Messi losing the final against a devastating Germany.

Each and every one of these moments is worth remembering. They are part of the history of soccer and the World Cups, and every four years we have the privilege of honoring these legends, these heroes without capes who fight to be the best in the world. With Qatar 2022 getting closer and closer, we have prepared a special with the best memories of the World Cup that you cannot miss: WATCH THE SPECIAL HERE

Source: Elcomercio

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