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Alliance vs. University: The intimate classic to the rhythm of Sabbag and the temperament of Zambrano | CHRONICLE

Because Alianza is Pablo Sabbag, with that spirit of going to fight for everything, going back to generate play and defining how the scorers do it. And this Alliance is also Carlos Zambrano, with that temperament that he cut everything behind and did not hesitate to cut with a red foul. In extreme situations, some decisions are worth it and Alianza does not hesitate.

That’s why the exciting 2-1 at the Monumental. Because Alianza’s victory was not guaranteed until Augusto Menéndez’s final whistle. Or perhaps even Zambrano’s red card, which was a clear message: we’ll stop them no matter what.

And Alianza wins for that, because he survived a Universitario with a better touch, but without so many ideas. The intimate won because to the goals -one in each half- he added the sacrifice of going out to play on the limit: five yellow cards and one red card explain it.

Alianza started with a scare -Rivera almost scored as soon as the match started-, but little by little the intimates enjoyed the game that characterizes them. Jairo Concha’s risky pass, Gabriel Costa’s runs, Gino Peruzzi’s climbs, and this time they showed us everything Pablo Sabbag has.

And ‘Chicho’ Salas is not wrong in his decisions. The ‘Sheikh’ was the starter instead of Hernán Barcos and responded in style. Great goal in the 19th minute that he himself generated with his kick to generate a quick counterattack with Peruzzi.

And that right band is the heart of Alianza. Because Peruzzi and Costa occupy the spaces well, because Ballón also adds -as if to take the center for the second goal, Costa’s-, because Sabbag always follows the ball. On the left, Bryan Reyna still does not show what he is known for, that is why Alianza’s heart beats on the right.

And to win the classic you have to have a lot of courage. Perhaps few alliance members have been bothered by Zambrano’s red. Faced with no mark in midfield, the ‘León’ had to show his temperament. He did it in the first half, when with a push he “told” Cabanillas that enough of the huachas. The classics are played that way.

From the ‘U’, the changes are rare. Piero Quispe’s entry worked to look for the front game. Meanwhile, it is not understood how Luis Urruti is a substitute. Everything was fine with those who entered, but Pérez Guedes and Rivera had to leave, perhaps the two most dangerous men in attack.

The classic was blue and white at the Monumental. Award for the decisions of Chicho Salas: send Sabbag, bet on Concha, defend with five after the discount. Hard blow to the ‘U’, who again sees how his compadre is celebrating Ate.

Source: Elcomercio

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