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Di María’s three goals in Juventus vs. Nantes for Europa League | VIDEO

With a masterclass in football in which he scored a hat-trick, with special mention to the spectacular first goal, Ángel Di María, brimming with class and confidence, solved Juventus’ tie against Nantes and qualified his team for the Europa League round of 16.

In case there was any doubt, Di María made it clear on the green of the Beaujoire stadium that he is the conductor of ‘Juve’. And it is that the ‘Noodle’, since he returned from the World Cup with the world cup under his arm, it seems that he is playing against youth players. He feels so superior to the rest of his teammates, and for the moment to all his rivals, that he is unstoppable.

Allegri has given him freedom and the Argentine has taken it to the letter. He appears close to the band, falls to receive as a second striker, goes down to get the ball as a third center-back and charges the area to finish off Kostic’s predictable Juventus side cross. But this afternoon in Nantes was not an exhibition to use.

Until now he had made life easier for his teammates, but this Thursday, in the absence of Vlahovic, a substitute, he scored the goal. The first was a visual treat for viewers. A hit with the magic wand that he carries as a left foot, with a perfect effect that was poisoned from the left corner of the area to end up, five minutes into the game, in the right corner. Of first. One of the goals of the season.

He smiled in celebration, but he wasn’t surprised. He had no reason. He found exactly what he went looking for. But he was not enough of such a left-handed blow. He was left with more desire and initialed, in a register totally different from the first, but which he dominates in the same way, a play on a tile in which he sat Pallois and, with his heel, with a privileged resource, defined on goal, although it was He ran into the arm of a Pallois who saw the direct red when avoiding the second wonder of the afternoon.

A Di María who, in twenty minutes, had sentenced the tie did not fail from eleven meters. With one more player, ‘Juve’ easily dominated a Nantes against the ropes that could do little. Kostic was able to score the third, but he ran into the post just before the break.

The ‘Vecchia Signora’ maintained dominance in the second half, although with one gear less than in the first act, released from all pressure and aware that they had the classification in their hands. Vlahovic and Cuadrado, who came on with half an hour to go, tried to increase the lead without success, leaving all the prominence for ‘Noodle’ who, with suspense, scored the third and completed the third hat-trick of his career, the first in European competitions , his perfect night, with a header that was approved by the smart watch of the Spanish referee.

Nantes, condemned after the expulsion, could only replicate Juventus’s monologue in the last bars, in which they could not overcome Szczesny.


Source: Elcomercio

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