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An artificial intelligence “interviewed” Bill Gates and made him confess his biggest youth mistakes | VIDEO

Bill Gates He has opened up about the mistakes he has made in his youth, and he has done so in front of a particular interviewer: an artificial intelligence.

The Microsoft co-founder has been interviewed by a chatbot that is speculated to be ChatGPT. In the interview he recounts a series of mistakes he made in his early years in the technology industry.

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The tycoon pointed out that he is very sorry to have been “too intense” in its beginnings, since it ended up ‘infecting’ that thought with the rest of the workers, and it applied too much pressure on them.

The interview was published by the official YouTube channel of 10 Downing Street. Gates also added that “there were a lot of people who probably could have helped me who just didn’t fit in because I had a very narrow view of the style of work and way of speaking”.

Source: Elcomercio

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