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‘Pollo’ Vignolo was received with strong insults from River fans | VIDEO

The famous ESPN and Fox Sports Premium broadcaster, Sebastian ‘Chicken’ Vignolo, is in charge of recounting all the superclassics of Argentine football. This is how the experienced narrator arrived at the precinct of River Plate, the Monumental stadium, where it had a rather hostile reception from millionaire fans.

As recorded in several videos uploaded to Twitter by the fans themselves, the ‘Chicken’ was constantly insulted by the bar that was in that sector and they even dedicated a song to him, of course, full of insults.

It is not known exactly why the River fans received ‘Pollo’ Vignolo in this way. Some indicate that it is because they assume that he is a Boca Juniors fan, while others indicate that it is because every time he tells River in the Monumental does not bring them good luck in the superclassics.

Controversy over the capacity at the Monumental

This Superclassic would mark the return of the fans to the stands. However, the maximum capacity allowed for this game was 36,027 fans of the ‘Millionaire’ who could attend to see their team against Boca plus a total of 5000 authorized people between staff, press and people to protect the protocols.

However, Argentine TV showed a totally different picture. Except for one of the upper stalls, the Monumental stadium looked full and it is estimated that there were around 53 thousand people inside the Buenos Aires venue. From Argentina they point out that the corresponding investigations have already been initiated by the authorities, since the established norms were not respected.

In addition, they have indicated that several people were arrested for selling false tickets and forged documentation. The investigations are in charge of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the City of Buenos Aires and the Special Prosecutor’s Office in Mass Events, in charge of Celsa Ramírez



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