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Paolo Guerrero: the house in El Golf, security for his entire family and the promise that Richard Acuña made him to play in Vallejo this 2024

“We are experiencing insecurity everywhere, he must have spoken with his group, with his family, but why not before signing a signature, I would have thought about it a little more and seen what is best for my family. I don’t know what he will think at this moment, very hasty,” he said, not only in truth but also in confirmation: we are no longer friends.

They had to meet four times in Lima, Tuesday and Wednesday, for Paolo Guerrero to change his point of view and agree to play for the César Vallejo University. Richard Acuña spoke and shared on two occasions with Paolo’s mother, Doña Peta Gonzales to convince and guarantee that his family is free of danger and that his son will be well cared for in the city of Trujillo.

The “new” conditions offered by Vallejo

It is public that Paolo Guerrero was interested, above all things, in the safety of his family. That, above all. “That situation has not been easy to handle, because continuing with your normal life while the procession goes inside is not easy or pleasant. Much less, if the threats against those closest to you continued: your parents, your children, your family; and even less so for a family like mine, which recently, March 2019, lost a son, grandson, nephew at the hands of criminals, a pain that we carry marked in our hearts,” he said on Monday, on América TV.

This fact has been key for Richard Acuña to handle a problem that may not have been handled well, but with in-person communication it could be solved. From Vallejo there was always confidence that Paolo Guerrero would respect the contract, up to three people inside the Trujillo club told DT, since with the issue of security and economics they guaranteed the ‘9’ of the Peruvian team that nothing bad would happen to him. .

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Thus, after a fellowship lunch between Ana Paula, Julio Rivera, Julio García, Paolo Guerrero and Richard Acuña, it was celebrated that everything ended on good terms and that this Thursday Paolo will be in Trujillo: “Paolo arrives tomorrow and has training in the afternoon “, our source who works at the poet club tells us.

In the morning they will take the opportunity to perform medical examinations and complete the documentation process at the FPF, which is currently incomplete.

“Paolo is registered in the Federation as a César Vallejo player and we have time until February 26 when the Pass Book closes to complete the documentation. If the medical exams are missing to obtain the Field Card and he can play League 1,” a source close to Richard Acuña tells DT.

What other requirements has Vallejo accepted for the national team forward’s peace of mind? In principle, the house is far from the city center and has private and permanent security 24 hours a day. According to the América hoy program, the luxurious mansion in the El Golf urbanization of Trujillo, 25 minutes from the Plaza de Armas, is valued at S / 7 million and Paolo Guerrero will live there with Ana Paula Consorte and her children in Trujillo . Then, the UCV club offers you a van to transport you around the city and the rental of a private jet for Lima-Rio de Janeiro transfers, as appropriate. Finally, Richard Acuña, president of the institution, has given his word to the entire Guerrero Gonzales family – in the presence of the mother, the girlfriend, and the older brother Julio Coyote Rivera – that he will personally monitor all security issues that can help for Paolo to function in optimal conditions during his stay in Trujillo.

In addition, César Acuña, Regional Governor of La Libertad, committed to being more vigilant in security from what corresponds to him as an authority. “I make a mea culpa for the insecurity. Now I am going to have total leadership in my region,” he had said.

And so, it seems, the novel comes to an end.

El Comercio was able to learn that until the closing of this report, Paolo Guerrero has not yet been added to the WhatsApp group of César Vallejo’s players, but after his arrival the administrator will present him to the squad through that communication channel.

Paolo will be alone in Trujillo for a few days until his presentation, because he has to return to Brazil, since his youngest children are there and he has to return so that his family is complete in Peru.

For now, the team’s historic scorer will be living in the same hotel that Beto Da Silva lived in during his stay at César Vallejo, a luxury place in one of the most exclusive areas of the city of Trujillo. The house will be inhabited when Paolo is already settled with his children in the Capital of Eternal Spring.

Source: Elcomercio

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