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Germán Alemanno and his defense of Jeriel de Santis: “He is very good, he plays well seriously” | VIDEO

The former footballer German Alemanno He came out in defense of the Venezuelan striker with Peruvian roots Jeriel de Santisthis season’s signing at Alianza Lima.

He argued that technically he has shown good things in the minutes he has played in the blue and white shirt, but that the pressure of playing for a big team is working against him.

“He has very good controls, that boy is very good. He plays well seriously, it happens that in a big team they don’t expect you,” he said in statements to RPP Deportes.

“Afterwards it’s all in the head, social networks destroy you today for a game. It’s difficult,” she added.


⚽ From 9 to 9! ????️ Germán Alemano thinks about Jeriel De Santis

♬ original sound – RPP News

As recalled, Jeriel de Santis has not yet managed to score in an Alianza Lima shirt and in the last match against Deportivo Garcilaso he was sent off.

This has generated a series of criticisms from blue and white fans who criticize his incorporation.


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