SportsPure emotion: the impressive ovation to Rodríguez in his...

Pure emotion: the impressive ovation to Rodríguez in his last game on court at Newell’s | VIDEO


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Lima, December 6, 2021Updated on 12/06/2021 09:49 pm

Maximiliano Rodríguez announced a few days ago that he decided to put an end to his career in professional football. And already this Monday, the player had his last match on the court of his beloved Newell’s, in a duel against Banfield for matchday 24 of the Argentine Professional League.

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For the final game, thousands of ‘Lepra’ fans came to Colossus Marcelo Bielsa not only to see his team win, but also to express their affection for Maxi Rodríguez, one of the references and who gave so many joys to the Rosario team , being part of the league title in 2013, for example.

Before the ‘Drill’, as agreed, the 40-year-old athlete was replaced at minute 11 of the second half. His place was covered by Nazareno Fúnez, but before leaving the court, Rodríguez was cheered, his teammates fired him and this caused him to shed some tears.

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To make the frame more impressive, there were fireworks and excited fans chanted the footballer’s name. Maxi, to thank the gesture, raised his arms, looked at the stands and finally left his place for Fúnez.

Say goodbye…

Retirement from professional football is a topic that at some point comes to mind when footballers reach a certain age. It was no different with Maximiliano Rodríguez, who after analyzing it well, at the age of 40 decided to culminate his long and successful path in this sport.

“The moment came when I thought it would never come to me or that as a soccer player we don’t want this moment to come to bring closure to a professional career. It is a very difficult decision to make, but at the same time I am very calm, it was many years of career, I think I gave myself to the maximum and that I completely emptied myself, I no longer have anything to give “, was the initial message with which the Newell’s idol made the news known, in an emotional video posted on social networks.


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