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WhatsApp: the trick to know if your partner is talking to someone else

Over time, WhatsApp it has changed little by little, providing a better level of privacy, to such an extent that new updates are planned to, for example, prevent the download of profile photos or the modification of sent texts. But today it has a famous trick that lets you know if your partner, or a contact that interests you, is on another call or video call.

The best thing about this trick is that you don’t need an external program. In addition to leaving no trace. Of course, it is important to be prepared for any result that it can provide.

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The efficiency of WhatsApp is something that users of this application love, which is used as a resource to maintain closer communication with other people, which makes cheating between couples easier.

For this reason, the users of this popular Meta messaging application have found a trick to clear up all suspicions about the couple with the advantage that there is no risk that could affect the account. In addition, the steps are simple and quick to do.

How to find out if your partner has a WhatsApp call with another person?

To apply this trick you only need to have the latest WhatsApp update, then you should call your partner through the instant messaging application, and you will get two results: in case you are in another call, the communication will be cut immediately; otherwise the mobile will ring and they will answer you normally.

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It is very simple, fast and secure, although it may not work for long as the messaging application seeks to incorporate a voice mail system for calls.

How to know if someone is checking your WhatsApp chats from another device?

The above trick is very easy to do and it doesn’t take much time to expose someone, so you can leave behind bad habits like review WhatsApp chats which is considered espionage.

If you suspect that someone is spying on you, it may be that your WhatsApp account has been linked to another computer, making the chats no longer private and being exposed without the need to be near the cell phone. But it is very easy to discover this situation.

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Many people are careless when opening WhatsApp sessions on a device and that small flaw can be the opening for another to have access to their chats. However, the messaging application has a function to detect intruders and expel them quickly.

To do this, just enter WhatsApp on the mobile, go to the settings section and click on the option “linked devices”. The list of computers where the account is connected will appear on the screen and from there you can close the session if you don’t know any device.

So you can expel the intruder who is watching you from another smart device. We recommend that you perform this review from time to time in order to keep your account free of dangerous invaders.

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