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Brazilian deputy admits sexist audio about Ukrainian women and withdraws candidacy | VIDEO

Deputy Brazilian Arthur do Val acknowledged this Saturday the authorship of some leaked audios in which he makes sexist comments about Ukrainian women and withdrew his candidacy for the Governor of Sao Paulo after the intense repercussion of the case.

“The audios are mine, they are indecent, they are sexist (…) It is me being a child. This is not the posture that people expect of me.”he said in a video uploaded on his social networks.

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On Friday night, the Brazilian press leaked some voice messages from the deputy, until then a candidate for the Government of Sao Paulo for the party Can and member of the right-wing group Free Brazil Movement (MBL), in addition to working as a Youtuber, in which he affirms that Ukrainian women are “easy because they are poor” during his recent trip to Ukraine to accompany the conflict in Eastern Europe.

Likewise, he compares the lines of refugees with those of the discos in Brazil, he describes the police as “goddesses” and states that he will return to Ukraine “as soon as this war is over”among other statements with rude words and sexist overtones.

The statements earned him a barrage of criticism from citizen, political and social sectors in Brazil, as well as the opening of an internal disciplinary procedure in Can and investigation requests for violation of decorum and encouragement of sex tourism.

Hours later, the deputy reported in an official note that he withdrew his candidacy for Governor of Sao Paulo, the richest and most populous state in Brazilin the elections that the country will hold next October.

“The leaked audios of a private conversation are unfortunate. They are not correct with the Brazilian, Ukrainian women and all the people who put their trust in my work and, for that, I apologize”, he pointed.

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This same Saturday, the charge d’affaires of the Embassy of Ukraine in BrazilAnatoliy Tkach, considered that the deputy’s comments are “unacceptable”, while the Ukrainian community in the country urged the annulment of the deputy’s mandate.

“I think those comments are unacceptable, even more so in this situation and with respect to refugees,” Tkach told reporters at a news conference in Brasilia.

After knowing the messages, the president of Podemos, Renata Abreu, described as “very serious and unacceptable” the statements of Do Val and announced the day before the opening of a disciplinary investigation against him.

For his part, the former Minister of Justice and candidate for the Presidency of Brazil for Podemos, Sergio Moro, repudiated the “serious statements by deputy Arthur do Valwhich could “set up as a crime”and assured that he will never support “people with that kind of opinion and behavior.”

Arthur do Val traveled to Ukraine last Monday to follow up on the conflict after the Russian invasion of that country and returned to Brazil this Saturday morning.

According to the legislator, the messages were sent to a “group of soccer friends” when he had already left Ukraine and the “tension” of the war had dissipated.

“I used expressions, I exaggerated, as many men do, as a group of friends does after football and those messages were filtered”justified.


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Source: Elcomercio

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