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Woman was drugged and abused in a taxi in Bogotá

A 35-year-old woman reported being drugged and abused in a taxi in Bogota after a driver picked her up after a party. The Police have already identified the plates of this vehicle, in which the passenger had to remain for three hours, practically, kidnapped.

The driver picked her up outside a bar in the town of Fontibon. The victim says that everything changed when her companion, who was also in the vehicle, got out to buy a bottle of water. After that, the driver started and supplied him with a substance. “We were going all over the 99, I know the area because I lived and studied there, we arrived at the 17, we went down a Colsubsidio that is there and since I was sick, and had vomited, was very thirsty. That’s why he got off.”

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The young woman, when she felt that the taxi driver started, was filled with anguish and could only shout “My friend, my friend”, but the stranger sped up, even with the doors open.

Between 3 and 6 in the morning, the young woman began to regain consciousness. Waking up and feeling that she had been violated, she wanted to escape. The first thing she thought of was asking her family for help. “It was terrible to see my underwear torn, my dress over my neck and this person was on my body.”

Faced with such a scene, this victim’s reaction was to scream. The taxi driver decided to speed up and that’s why the young woman opened the window and tried to jump out of the car. “I lowered the window, she was screaming a lot. I don’t know why, I don’t remember I was very drugged and very dizzy. The taxi driver tried to lift me up again, he took my hands and then, in another block, he threw me.”

The young woman, who was helped by her loved ones, spent more than a week in the hospital. Therefore, at this time, the National Institute of Legal Medicine advance the pertinent tests. The complaint is also in the General Prosecutor of the Nation. “They had to operate on my lung, I have several more medical appointments. I make this public because time has passed and the Police have not caught the person responsible. Yes, there was abuse.” Nevertheless, A month has passed and the victim says that there has been no progress in the investigation. The victim is being treated by a psychologist, because from the day of the attack he lost his peace of mind. Her life is not the same.

Source: Elcomercio

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