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Student defends her teacher in the middle of a fight after being hit by another student and goes viral | VIDEO

A fight between two students in USA it has circulated on social networks after in the midst of a dispute, a teacher – who tried to separate them – was beaten by the same students; however, one of her classmates intervened and hit the student who had assaulted the teacher.

Through Twitter, the video was broadcast showing the classroom where the fight between the two students with their faces covered began; However, seconds later the teacher arrives and tries to separate them, when one of them punches her in the face, forcing her back.

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While one of the classmates not involved in the fight intervenes in defense of the teacher and hits the student in the face while he is vanishes on the ground.

Netizens applaud the student’s action

After this act, the other student who was in the fight took advantage of the opportunity for a few seconds and hit his classmate who was on the floor, until again the boy who was not involved in the dispute grabbed him by the neck of the sweatshirt and pulled him down. tossed to the other end to separate them.

“Don’t ever touch the teacher again!” the young defender yelled repeatedly at the student who assaulted the teacher while she was on the ground.

This action was applauded by Internet users on social networks, who highlighted the courage of the foreign student who showed to defend the teacher and end the fight.

“Nothing but respect for the boy who stood up for the teacher. This young man should be praised and held up as a good example for other young people. All kids who throw punches should be suspended and charged. End of story. I don’t know who his parents are, but they are definitely doing a good job.

Source: Elcomercio

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