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Erdogan assures that he will accept the result if he loses the elections this Sunday

The president of Türkiye, Recep Tayyip Erdoganassured today that he will respect the result if he loses the elections this Sunday and will cede power respecting the rules of democracy, thus denying the rumors and fears that it could hinder a transfer of power after 20 years in government.

“We came to power with the trust of our people. If our nation decides otherwise, we will do exactly what democracy demands.”assured the Islamist leader in an interview on the A Haber radio station.

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Asked about how he would react if, as the polls predict, he loses the elections this Sunday, the president recalled that when in 2019 his party, the akplost the municipal elections in istanbulits candidate gave up power.

In those elections, the akp it contested the electoral result after losing by a very narrow margin and forced an electoral repetition in which the Social Democratic opposition won again with a difference fifty times greater.

“Those who do not respect the result of the polls do not respect the nation. We have never questioned the supremacy of the national will. The People’s Alliance (the coalition with which it is running in the elections) will accept any result that comes out of the polls. We expect the same commitment from our adversary.”he pointed.

Several analysts and the opposition have expressed their fear that, in the event of an electoral defeat, erdoğan not accept the result, or that even from the Government riots are promoted that hinder the peaceful transfer of power.

Just today, the president compared this Sunday’s elections with the coup attempt he suffered in 2016.

“If necessary, just like on the night of July 15 (2016, the date of the coup), we will defend our independence and our future, even with our lives”he said on the social network Twitter.

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Source: Elcomercio

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