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Hamas calls on Palestinians to rebel against any measure that bans prayer in Al Aqsa

The Palestinian Islamic group Hamas This Friday he urged the Palestinians East Jerusalem it’s from West Bank busy rebelling against any “criminal measure” that prohibits entry into the mosque of Al-Aqsaconsidered the third holiest place in the world Islam after Mecca and Medina.

I appeal to all the children of the Palestinian people under occupation in Jerusalem or in West Bank reject the criminal measure (not to pray in Al Aqsa) and increase their clashes against the occupation everywhere“said today the representative of the Islamic group Hamas at the Lebanon, Osama Hamdan.

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Hamas reacted in this way to the statements of the Israeli minister of National securitythe ultra-rightist Itamar Ben Gvirwho called this week to prevent, during the next month of Ramadan, the entry of Muslim Palestinians from West Bank busy in Esplanade of the Mosques.

“To the residents of Authority (Palestine) entry should not be allowed Israel no way”during the month of Ramadan, sacred to Muslims and which will begin this year at the beginning of March, he wrote last Saturday Ben Gvir on social network X, in which he added: “We must not take risks or risks.”

Israeli security forces today prevented East Jerusalem the entry of dozens of young Muslims who wanted to access Al-Aqsa to participate in Friday noon prayer.

Let the Zionist criminal enemy know what to play in the mosque Al-Aqsa or the freedom to pray or reach out will have its price” he added Hamdam.

Israeli media reported this week that the Israeli intelligence warned the Government that the war with Hamas could expand and acquire religious connotations if the entry of worshipers into the mosque in Al-Aqsa.

Source: Elcomercio

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