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Floods in Brazil: at least 84 dead, 111 missing and hundreds of thousands affected

Floods in Brazil: at least 84 dead, 111 missing and hundreds of thousands affected

Floods in Brazil: at least 84 dead, 111 missing and hundreds of thousands affected

Floods caused by heavy rains in the south Brazil They have already left at least 84 dead and 111 missing, according to the report released this Monday by regional authorities.

The rains, which only begin to subside in that part of the country after a week without respite, affected more than 840 thousand inhabitants of 345 municipalities, who suffer from lack of food, medicine and basic services such as light and energy.

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Data from the local Civil Defense indicate that, of this total, 121,957 people were forced to leave their homes and move into compounds with family and friends, while another 19,368 are housed in makeshift shelters by authorities.

The Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sulon the border with Uruguay and Argentina, was the hardest hit by the rains, with at least 83 deaths, while the neighboring state of Santa Catarina recorded one death.

Aerial photograph taken with a drone of the Arena do Grêmio stadium this Sunday, in the city of Porto Alegre. (EFE/ Isaac Fontana).

Authorities are also investigating whether four other victims are related to the climate tragedy that hit the south of the country and which is already considered the worst natural catastrophe in the history of the region.

The level of Guaíba Riverwhose waters flooded the historic center of Porto Alegreregional capital and home to 1.3 million inhabitants, stabilized above five meters, its highest historical mark.

With a population of 11 million inhabitants, Rio Grande do Sul has a total of 496 municipalities, of which 345 were affected.

At least 1.2 million homes and commercial establishments remain without electricity and 98 municipalities lack telephone and internet services.

Likewise, 61 roads reported total or partial closures due to rising rivers.

The Government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the entire country have done everything to help the victims.

There are currently more than 14,500 professionals in the region, the majority from the Armed Forces who carried out 25,000 air, land and river rescues, with the support of 30 aircraft, 182 boats and 951 vehicles.

Weather forecasts announce new rains in areas already hit by storms due to a new cold front that will cause heavy rain.

Source: Elcomercio

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