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The remuneration of medical interns’ guards increases by 25%

In a Covid unit of a Paris hospital (illustrative image) – THOMAS COEX / AFP

An increase in remuneration of around 25%. A decree revaluing the amount of on-call work carried out during the week and at weekends by some 30,000 medical interns was published on Saturday. Negotiated during the Ségur de la santé, this revaluation, which should make it possible to perpetuate medical studies and “convince young people to get involved”, will come into force tomorrow, Sunday.

According to figures communicated by the Ministry of Health and Solidarity in Parisian , medical interns receive a flat-rate indemnity of 119 euros gross for each night shift performed during the week and 130 euros gross for shifts provided on weekends and public holidays. As of Sunday, these two remunerations will be revalued by around 25%. On-call duty during the week will be paid 149 euros gross and those on weekends and holidays, 163 euros gross.

Following the Ségur de la santé, the government has already taken note of “the increase in the basic remuneration of interns and junior doctors in medicine, pharmacy and dentistry”, as our colleagues from the Parisian. This increase will also come into effect on November 1.


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