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Peruvian salsa is present at the 2023 Heat Awards

Among the artists, producers and journalists who come together every year for the heat awardsWhen you talk about music in Peru, you talk about salsa. And it is that at a silent but sure step, several singers of this genre have been making a place for themselves internationally and for this reason the 2023 edition of the Heat, which takes place in the Dominican Republic, has reserved a special place for those voices.

Austin Palao, who this year won the Trend Artist award for the votes obtained on social networks, tells “El Comercio” that upon arriving at Cap Cana, one of the most exclusive resorts in the Central American country, some colleagues for the event internationals asked him about what is happening with salsa in Peru.

“Salsa in Peru is at a super good moment. One of the artists I was talking to told me that he wanted to do a featuring with a salsa artist and in Peru there is a choice,” commented Palau, who, despite an injury that left him on crutches, packed his luggage to join to the event that will have June 8 as its main date, when a gala concert will be held to announce the winners of 20 categories.

Yahaira Plasencia, who is participating for the third consecutive year in the Heat Awards, will be one of the presenters of the awards. In addition, she will sing live at the gala along with Mike Bahía, Eddy Herrera and Yeison Jiménez in a tribute to the Niche group that will be televised on HTV in all Latin American countries and globally via streaming on LosHeat.TV.

“I was able to talk with José Aguirre, musical director of Niche, so that he could give me the song that I will sing in the tribute, the tonality and all that. I am nervous but at the same time very happy”, Plasencia explained during a meeting with the international press that served to kick off Heat week, which will include conferences, tributes to outstanding personalities and ‘showcases’ to present new talents and trends in the industry.

The Peruvian salsa singer Kate Candela participates for the first time in the Heat Awards.

Peru’s turn

One of the ‘showcases’ that will be held will only be for Peruvian artists, so journalists and artists from different countries throughout the American continent will be able to see the different proposals that are being developed in Peru.

Cielo Torres and Kate Candela are two national artists who will participate in the Heat for the first time and who will join this ‘showcase’. “When I started, they almost made me believe that I was not going to be able to live from this and the story today is completely different; I live from music and I am happy to say that I am a singer and that I am constantly learning”, Kate Candela told “El Comercio” about the logos that she has been winning and that have led her, for example, to achieve that her “ Mix Vallenato” Volume 1 and 2 add up to millions of streaming views.

“They already ask me for the ‘Mix Vallenato 3’ and I have to give them what the public asks for,” said the 31-year-old singer with a smile.

Cielo Torres, who has just recorded with Manny Manuel in Puerto Rico, also celebrated the spaces that his colleagues have been creating outside the Peruvian borders. “I think that in Peru a lot of noise is being made with our music. We Peruvians do not stop producing ”, affirmed the artist, that in the ‘showcase’ she will present some of the songs that became radio hits, such as “Nunca es suficiente ”and“ Más fuerte ”.

Álvaro Rod and César BK will sing "Damn Monday" at the 2023 Heat Awards.

Another exponent of Peruvian salsa that will be part of the event is Álvaro Rod, who at the 2022 Heat Awards sang live during the ceremony in which artists such as Carlso Vives and Fanny Lu were also present. But this time, the also composer will show other styles that he has been exploring.

“Maldito lunes”, the most recent song that he released together with César BK, will be part of his proposal for the ‘showcase’ and a sample of those new sounds that he explores. “This is a song written by us, which has something urban with regional Mexican,” said the salsa singer on the subject that reached half a million views in its second week on YouTube.

“Many believe that we have made the song in that style because of ‘Un x100to’ by Bad Bunny and Frontera, but we had the song four months before that and we didn’t release it for little details. Later, when the song came out, we kept thinking how much the musical genre that we were going to release was going to hit and I think the song was received in a different way. We never thought it would be so well received, it has exceeded our expectations”, added César BK, an ‘influencer’ who seeks to make a space for himself as a singer and who will also be present at the show in the Dominican Republic, which you can follow in detail in the coverage. of “Skip Intro” of “El Comercio” from Cap Cana.

Source: Elcomercio

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