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Jaime León, the former president of the ‘U’ who today represents Peru in a World Masters in Athletics


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“And why don’t you run the hundred meters?”, they asked him and since then he never stopped running. Don Jaime León Pallete, who was a leader of University of SportsHe became an athlete at the age of 75. He left the suit in the corridors of the office and put on sports clothes to hit the athletic track. Today, at the age of 80, he is representing Peru in the World Masters in Athletics Finland.

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Dressed in red shorts and a white polo shirt, the colors of his beloved Peru, Jaime set the third fastest time in the 100m classification in the 80-84 year old category and qualified for the grand finale that will be played this Thursday, June 30 at 5 pm local time (7 am in Peru).

“There were three series and the three winners went on to the final. The truth is that I am very happy, I think there must be few Latin Americans who go to the final. There are many athletic, strong and well-fed Europeanssays from Finland with the spark that characterizes him and very enthusiastic about the achievement he is achieving.

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León Pallete would not be where he is today if it were not for his friends, who encouraged him to participate in a Sports Olympics at the Leoncio Prado Military College, his alma mater. “My pique was impressive”confessed in a interview to the official website of Regatas Limas. In that small tournament, the former manager reached the finish line before anyone else.

In the midst of surprise and applause they encouraged him to play national championships. He did it. And he won some contests with great skill. As one of the best in Peru, Jaime won a gold in an international tournament in Arica and another in the I Iberoamerican Championship Master of Athletics Lima 2019. The next step was none other than the World Cup.

In the World Championships in Athletics held in Malaga, Pallete won a bronze medal, taking the Peruvian flag to the podium. And now he is in Finland giving everything to be the first to cross the finish line.

Your son, unconditional and professional support

Being an athlete is a decision -and passion- not suitable for everyone. Body care is the most vital. And Don Jaime is lucky that his eldest son, who bears the same name, is a sports doctor. Together with him, he was able to eat a balanced diet to perform better in competitions.

“It’s not like he’s a Tibetan monk either. I lead a normal life”, assured the athlete who trains daily. Warm up, jog, stretch your muscles and run. He never stops running. “Now that I am 80 years old, I have the advantage of being one of the youngest in my new category (80-84 years old). In it the national record is 15’30”the South American of 15′03″ and the World Cup of 14′30″”, he pointed out, making it clear that he has the path marked out. “I think I can beat the national and the South American”.

A soccer fan by birth

Member of the Club Regatas since 1985, James “He was born being from the U”. “I was a fan. I listened to the games on the radio, I went to see the team at the stadium”. And as a fan, he fulfilled the dream of many: to work in the club he loves.

He was a leader of academic in two periods: first between 1995 and 1997, during the administration of Alfredo Gonzáles; and then between 2007 and 2010, with the mandate of Gino Pinasco. He celebrated the opening of 2008 with Ricardo Gareca on the bench and the remembered national title of 2009.

In fact, in 2010, Jaime became president of the cream institution. “I longed to be a leader of Universitario, it was my dream. I think he had the capabilities.”.

“I think we can all play sports. Things can be done at this age: life does not end when one retires”, was the message he left for everyone who is still not encouraged to put on some sneakers and start running. One never knows how far it will go.


Source: Elcomercio

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