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Amnesty International points to “massive violations” of human rights in El Salvador

international organization International Amnesty (AI) pointed out in its annual report that the exception regime in force in The Savior since March 2022 “led to massive human rights violations and the weakening of the rule of law”.

The authorities declared a state of emergency that led to massive human rights violations and the weakening of the rule of law, as well as the serious and continuous deterioration of access to public information.” AI said.

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He warned that “Most of the more than 60,000 arrests made during the state of emergency were allegedly arbitrary because they did not meet the legal requirements, specifically that an arrest warrant had been issued or that the person in question had been caught in flagrante delicto”.

The measure, extended 12 times for 30-day terms by the majority-government Congress, was implemented after an escalation of homicides that claimed the lives of more than 80 people in three days.

Thousands of people were indiscriminately prosecuted, most denied contact with their lawyers, access to the case file, information on the reasons for their arrest, or the right to be heard at the indictment hearing.”, maintained the NGO.

He noted that, in his opinion, in this context the legislative Assemblyapproved procedural and criminal amendments contrary to international law“How to conduct hearings”without the accused party being present, withholding the identity of the judges, and abolishing the maximum periods of detention pending trial”.

AI reported that The Saviorpresented the highest rate of deprivation of liberty in the world” with arrests under the regime, which exceed 65,000.

The incarceration rate reached “1,927 people imprisoned for every 100,000 inhabitants” with more than 94,000 people imprisoned at the end of 2022, “despite the fact that the prisons had the capacity to house 30,864, according to official data from February 2021 obtained by local organizations”.

Extreme overcrowding gave rise to violations of the right to life and physical integrity, and caused serious sanitation problems and shortages of food and basic hygiene products, seriously affecting the health of the population”, he added.

According to local humanitarian organizations, there are more than 100 people detained under the regime who have died in state custody.

Attacks on press and activist

On the other hand, AI added that the Central American country also remained “attacks against journalists and human rights defenders” were still common.

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He indicated that the Legislative Assembly did not approve a law to guarantee “the rights of the victims of crimes under international law committed during the armed conflict (1980-1992) and also “the total prohibition of abortion continued in force”.

In El Salvador, women who experience pregnancy complications resulting in miscarriages and stillbirths are routinely suspected of having an abortion, which is prohibited in all circumstances, and are prosecuted on charges of aggravated homicide.

Source: Elcomercio

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