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Ephemeris of August 1: What happened in the world on a day like today?

Ephemeris of August 1: What happened in the world on a day like today?

Ephemeris of August 1: What happened in the world on a day like today?

He August 1, but from 1914, Germany declares war on Russia, invades Luxembourg and presents an ultimatum to Belgium. France orders general mobilization and a conflict spreads that will become the First World War.


1498.- Christopher Columbus sights the first mainland of the American continentwhich will then be called Venezuela.

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1774.- English theologian, chemist and author joseph priestley discover the oxygen isolating it in its gaseous state.

1816.- He Colonel Jose San Martin is appointed Commander-in-Chief Army of the Andes by the president of the United Provinces of the Río de la Platageneral Juan Martin Puyrredon.

1831.- Inauguration of the London bridge.

1834.- Abolition of slavery in all dependent territories Britain.

1876.- Colorado becomes the thirty-eighth state of the american union.

1920.- Gandhi launches its campaigncivil disobedience” in the India.

1927.- Several units of the Army rebel in nantchang (Chinese province of kiangsi), which is commemorated annually as the founding of the people’s army either chinese red.

1942.- The dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo begins his second presidential term in the Dominican Republic.

1944.- World War II: Widespread anti-Nazi uprising in warsawwhich lasted 63 days and was put down by the Germans (200,000 dead).

1971.- First ever benefit concert for bangladesh in it Madison Square Garden of NY what did they offer George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton either Ravi Shankar.

1975.- Representatives of 35 States of Europe and America sign in the capital of Finland he “Helsinki Act”, which ratifies the European borders of the post-world war period and promotes respect for human rights.

1981.- First day of broadcast of the American cable network MTV.

1984.- It begins at Uruguay the release of imprisoned Tupamaro guerrillas, after an agreement between the military government and the political groups.

1994.- The German President, roman herzogapologizes to the victims of the Nazi genocide in warsaw.

1999.- enters into force on FTA between Chili and Mexico.

2003.- He United States Senate approves the FTA (TLC) with Chili.

.- The social network is launched MySpace.

2004.- A fire causes 365 deaths in the shopping center Ycuá Bolañosin Assumption (Paraguayan), whose doors were closed to prevent looting.

2005.- The Mexican writer of Spanish origin Thomas Segovia He wins Juan Rulfo Latin American Literature Award.

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2013.- The technician of the INC Edward Snowdenclaimed by the US Justice for revealing state security secrets, he receives temporary asylum in Russia.

2017.- Venezuelan opponents Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledezma They are confined in the military prison of green bouquet.

.- China opens in djibouti a military base in Africathe first outside its territory.

2019.- He Nicaraguan Government officially canceled the negotiations with the opposition to overcome the local socio-political crisis, which has left hundreds dead.


1819.- Hermann MelvilleAmerican writer author of “Moby Dick”.

1863.- Gaston DoumergueFrench statesman.

1910.- Gerda TaroGerman, pioneer of war photojournalism.

1924.- Georges CharpakFrench, Nobel Prize in Physics 1992.

1936.- yves st laurentFrench fashion designer.

1965.- sam mendesBritish filmmaker.

1976.- ivan dukeformer president of Colombia.

2000.- Kim Chae-wonSouth Korean singer.


30 BC- mark antonyRoman military and politician.

1464.- Cosimo de Medicifounder of the Medici dynasty.

1714.- Anne Stuartfirst queen of Great Britain.

1973.- Gian Francesco MalipieroItalian composer.

1987.- Pola NegriPolish silent film actress.

2003.- Marie TrintignantFrench actress.

2005.- King Fahd from Saudi Arabia.

2009.- heart aquinoFormer President of the Philippines.

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2018.- Celeste RodriguezPortuguese fadista.

2019.- D.A. PennebakerAmerican filmmaker and documentarian.

2020.- wilford brimleyAmerican actor.

Source: Elcomercio

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